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  • 30 Day Slim Down: A unique fat-burning meal plan that lays out your EXACT meals and snacks for the entire month! Our delicious, easy-to-follow recipes make meal prep a breeze and are perfect for everyone in the family. 
  • 21 Day Fasting: This 21-Day Program will teach you how to utilize optimal TRE (time-restricted eating) fasting protocols, high and low carb cycling, and specific macro placements to help reach your health goals. 
  • 10 Day Detox: If you’re looking to lose bloat, fat, and toxins, our 10-Day Detox is your perfect solution. You’ll have 10 days worth of meals and snacks laid out so you can implement the plan quickly and easily.
  • Meet Your Macros: Wondering about macros, hormones, and gut health? Our lifestyle nutrition course answers all your questions and teaches all of Nancy's research-based and foolproof protocols. You’ll unlock the tools to achieve results without any extreme dieting and stay lean year-round.
  • Recipes: We have recipes that help you implement all the concepts you’re learning in the app, like reverse carb cycles, reducing inflammation, and eliminating top trigger foods like gluten and dairy.
  • Strength Program: If you’re overwhelmed by a fitness routine and don’t know where to start, our ready-made programs are your perfect solution. You’ll have easy-to-follow workouts (for all parts of the body!) laid out so all you have to do is show up.

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You’ll have UNLIMITED access to our team of licensed expert coaches to help you achieve your best results with our programs. Connect with our coaches through the app to get support around reaching your goals.

Strength Programs

Our users LOVE our easy-to-follow self guided strength programs designed by expert trainers. These workouts are FUN accessible no matter your level of experience and updated monthly. They can be completed at home OR at the gym so no matter your lifestyle you can unlock your strongest self.

30 Day Slim Down

 Meet Your Macros 

10 Day Detox

21 Day Fasting

What is this program designed to help with?

  • Weight loss: If your health goals include losing weight, you’ll have all the tools you need to achieve them with the help of our expert coaches. We take a shot-gun approach to achieve weight loss in a quick, easy and safe way. Our programs also integrate science-based protocols to support and improve metabolic function through dietary implementations.
  • Immune support: Optimal nutrition is critical to supporting a healthy immune system. In fact, epidemiological studies find that those who are poorly nourished are at greater risk of bacterial, viral, and other infections. If you suffer from frequent colds, delayed wound healing, skin infections, or fatigue can all be signs of a weakened immune system.
  • Ridding inflammation: Excessive inflammation can have negative effects on your health both in the short and long term. It also interferes with the body’s response to leptin, which is now thought to be a major factor in weight gain. If you experience frequent fatigue, headaches, bloating, redness, memory and cognition decline, digestive issues or belly fat, this may be a sign you’re inflamed.
  • Hormone imbalance: Hormones play a huge part in weight loss and weight gain. If you experience sudden changes in your weight, weight loss resistance, fatigue, or feel pain in your joints, you may be experiencing a hormone imbalance. We work to naturally influence and optimize hormones in the body like insulin and cortisol through science-based nutritional protocols allowing our clients to easily reach their personal goals.
  • Post-Pregnancy Replenishment: Postnatal depletion is a condition that over 50% of women struggle with after giving birth, yet many mothers know nothing about it. The condition is due largely to a lack of nutrients, which our bodies use to rebuild and replenish so we function optimally. Our programs incorporate the micro and macronutrients needed to replenish the body after a major life event such as pregnancy. If not addressed, postnatal depletion can last for years or decades.
  • Detox: If you’re feeling the need to rid your body of toxins, including toxic foods, you’ll find expert plans to help you eliminate ingredients safely. You’ll have the tools to identify trigger foods that could be causing a histamine response in the body, which can slow metabolism. The recipes in our program use whole foods and will leave you feeling full, energetic and satisfied.
  • Confidence: How you feel about your appearance, strength, and function touches every other part of your life- so the team is committed to making sure our clients have all the tools they need to radiate inside and out. You deserve to feel like home in your body.